My Summer So Far

Well, shit. This summer has been totally rad so far! School ended on May 8, and I’ve hit the ground running.

On May 9, Mrs. Danvers had a gig at All Asia. We played with a really great band– Milquetoast and Co. They’re kind of like Muse-meets-Dresden Dolls and they have a sick nasty cellist. Her intonation was so fucking good, I immediately thought “Shit, she MUST have gone to a great conservatory.” Lo and behold, I found out she’s an IU grad– the alma mater of some of the most talented people I played with in symphonies throughout high school. It was also special because Dhy had just graduated the previous day, and her entire family was in from Ohio, seeing us perform.

Tuesday, May 12, I had a long recording session with Black Kettle a folkie indie pop band featuring the talents of two MP&E students/singer-songwriters, Kailynn West and Keeley Bumford. They’re very talented songwriters, arrangers, and musical minds, and I’m so pleased I get to play bass on their recordings. We did three songs, and I hope I gave them some useful bass parts. As a singer-songwriter, I’m very paranoid and sensitive when I’m in a supporting position about giving the artists what they need. I can’t wait to hear the recordings which will form their debut EP.

Thursday, May 14 I went to a screening for the Boston LGBT film festival and saw the Women’s Shorts at the MFA with my friend Emma. It was really awesome! Tons of lesbians in the Remis auditorium, and the films were spectacular. I mean, really. I enjoyed nearly all of them. There were several that I loved. “Donkey Girl” a film from Morocco was sweet, funny, and the cinematography was gorgeous. The last film (whose title escapes me) was haunting, moving, and poignant, and probably the best of the bunch.

Later that night, Dhy and I went to Queeraoke at the Midway in JP. Having never been, it was awesome. We handed out flyers for Mrs. Danvers, got to meet some good folks from the Boston Dyke March, LOGO, and obviously the Midway (hope to play tennis with Ange sometime soon), and talked to lots of cool chicks. We also did a pretty remarkable version of Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out.” heh. heh. Our good friend Rebecca Perkins was there and gave us a much-appreciated ride back, so we could party til 2 without worrying about catching the T.

Friday, May 15, Mrs. Danvers had a photo shoot at the old abandoned church by MassArt with photographer, Natanya Khashan. That church was some creepy Blair Witch Project shit, and the photo shoot aroused several of my worst fears (namely, spiders and heights). Steph and the ladies were jumping on these elevated pillars and unsteady, rotten wood steps like American fuckin Gladiators. And when they insisted on leaning against a stone corner filled with cobwebs, I almost freaked out. The photo shoot was awesome, overall though- Everyone looked pretty sexy, the church despite the creepy factor (or perhaps BECAUSE of the creepy factor) was a great location, and Natanya had very creative ideas for framing and poses.

Later that night, we had a show at McGanns a pub near Gov’t Center. Dave Crespo, the promoter, is a real class act. Nonetheless, some funny/awkward/weird shit went down. For starters, there was this insanely drunk girl wiping out constantly. Her friends were just not taking care of her. I mean she NEEDED TO GO HOME. As the ladies of Mrs. D and my roommate Sawyer and I were sitting at a table, we kept on joking about how this girl was going to fall on us and kill us. Ha ha ha, right? Wrong. As lo and behold, she DID fall on us, or me and Sawyer specifically, shattering his beer glass and spilling beer all over the both of us. My immediate fear was that my roommate had just been cut, but thank god, no blood was spilled…until…

We went on stage and I guess because I cut my nails and I wasn’t using a very long pick, the skin on my index and middle finger just got cut to shit by the strings. By the second song, a nice pool of blood had accumulated over Randi’s white guitar that I was playing. A few Outbreak jokes, and a napkin from a thoughtful friend of ours, later, things went swell.

Saturday, May 16, which was yesterday, Emma and I went to the MFA again for the Boston LGBT festival and saw “Still Black” a remarkable film about black transmen. A most unobtrusive, revealing, and simple-yet-profound, documentary, the film provoked my thought and even caused me to choke up a few times. It neither sentimentalized its subject nor gawked at it. Showing a diversity of black transmen with different experiences, socio-economic levels, sexual identities, it provided a very unique depiction of a way of life that is perhaps at the bottom rung of visibility and respect in both the queer community and society at large. Fascinating.

Today, Dhy and I are gonna get together and go over new music, and then Thursday, we have a gig at All Asia at 10 pm. Ali Rapetti, Gypsy Cab, and Owen Ross (of Re-Up) will also be performing. And since I personally really think all of these artists are immensely talented, it should be one hell of a show.

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