wow. tired!

today, i got up a bit before noon and went to a black kettle rehearsal at studio b in 136. i got back, had lunch with dhy (made us turkey sandwiches). and then i went for a jog. i ran more miles than i have ever run in one day. i jogged from my apartment in back bay to the weeks bridge by harvard. i met up with emma, dipped my feet in the supposedly swimmable charles, and she showed me her house next year. wow what a beautiful courtyard. very majestic, tons of trees, grass, nice patio. dining hall was nice too. she ‘ snuck’ me in (not a hard feat as there were no visible cashiers or security guards) and i had some food and water. i was having such a pleasant time that i lost track of time, and had to get to the south end as soon as possible for a mrs. danvers rehearsal. public transportation being a little slow, and non-existent to the south end, i just said fuck it and jogged from harvard to south end, stopping once to use the restroom at the 150 building on mass ave. granted there were two stops (one rather long stop during which i ate and relaxed) but i believe i jogged 7.5 miles total, if not 8 miles. google maps mileage estimates are not an exact science. went to rehearsal, got a lot of shit done, and then walked back to my apartment. i got home, made myself dinner and watched ‘wendy and lucy’ with sawyer. a very simple story with existentialist and political implications. i enjoyed michelle williams’ acting, but her character, Wendy lacked depth and needed more development. now im utterly beat, in bed.

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