yesterday, had another black kettle rehearsal in studio b with andrew and keeley. went to the gym for a bit to do weights. then went out to sichuan garden, a chinese restaurant in brookline w/ emma who treated me 🙂 we had some very spicy fish dish and a chicken stir-fry that was quite good. emma, who speaks chinese and knows her chinese food quite well, said the restaurant was very legit and authentic, and approved of the food, which i definitely also really liked but then again, i have no real authority on chinese cuisine since i usually eat sweet n sour chicken at teriyaki house.heh, afterwards, we got ice cream at bon-bons. fuckin forgot how much i love that place. their cinnamon toast crunch gelato makes my heart sing. then we got back and downed 3 bottles of red wine with sawyer. fun times. emma leaves sunday for south dakota then france for the entire summer 😦 … tonight mrs. danvers plays all asia with gypsy cab, rathbone, sawyer stoltz, and proud monkey. should be a very fun time. ! it’s sawyer’s boston debut, so it’s exciting.

found out yesterday that mrs. danvers will play dyke march! very exciting!

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