been too long.

i haven’t blogged in here for like a month.

some highlights of the past month:

-went to p-town with randi and dhy. we rented a zipcar and road-tripped it (about 2 hours each way). handed out flyers and had a nice time.

-mrs. danvers played dyke march last friday. it was pretty fun. i enjoyed myself. id say there were roughly 150-200 people watching us. the energy of the crowd was terrific, and we got panties thrown at us onstage! from a stranger, no less!

the ex-girlfriends’ (the folk comedy band i play bass in) rad show at the great scott. it was part of their friday standup comedy night. hilarious comedians. and we were the featured act! we’re playing it again on friday the 26.

now it’s tuesday. i have 6 straight hours of rehearsal tomorrow night! ! ! !

mrs danvers has a show at the midway in jp (opening up for the queerioke event) on thursday, june 18. friday, we’re going to martha’s vineyard and playing at Che’s Lounge with lydia fischer who’s hooking us up. sunday, im playing the cambridge music festival with the ex-girlfriends at 2 pm. monday, the 22nd, im doing a solo show with arizona and black kettle. it should be great!

mrs. danvers is recording with drew english next week. we’re gonna work on the track “what did i do” it should be good times.

alrighty, i gotta hit the hay.

im coming down tih a cold at the most inopportune of times!

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