Songwriting Archive

All music and lyrics by AWD except where noted

* = currently part of MRS DANVERS repertoire

The Answer Is Yes

Blue Blood

Can’t Help It*

Club Manderley* (co-written with Drew Erickson and Dhy Berry)

The Fens

Four Walls

Lady Liberty (The Democracy Song)

Insect Politics

I Need A Reason
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums by AWD
October 2005
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From Young Tracks
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I Wanna Be Your Zombie


Jesus Don’t Like Beggars

Kick It And Climb*

Kill Me
Vocals/Synth/Guitar by AWD
Soundcloud Link

Honey Brown* (co-written with Dhy Berry)

I Wanna Believe You

In My Eyes

It’s You
Vocals, guitar, bass, drums by AWD
June 2006
Soundcloud Link


Let Me Win

The Light (co-written with Johnny Nicholson)

Make Up Your Fucking Mind
Vocals, Guitars, Synth by AWD // Guitars by Justin Hancock // Bass by Devin Caucci // Drums by Bruno Esrubilsky
Engineered and Mixed by Will Tendy
Soundcloud Link

Miracle Man

My Fake Funeral (short musical)

My Love



One Hell

Red Burning Skies

Vocals, Guitar, Bass by AWD // Keys, Vocals, Orchestral Arrangement by Michael Gottlieb // Drums, percussion by Jonathan Schmidt // Strings: Madeleine Ripley, Chris Dalton, Maria Kowalski, Halley Feaster // Horns/Winds: Ben Al-Mateen, Aaron Gentry, Nikki Mariskanish
Mixed and Engineered by Andrew Nault
June 2009
Soundcloud Link

See in Love (In Case I Die Tonight)
Vocals, Guitar by AWD
Programming, Synth, Mixing Production by Jimmy Gonzalez
Additional Engineered by John Hull
May 2010
Soundcloud Link

The Sinking Ship
Vocals, Guitars, Upright Bass by AWD // Cello by Ethan Philbrick
Engineered and Mixed by Peter Adams
August 2007
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From Young Tracks
Soundcloud Link

Slow Down

Tell Her (co-written with Julie Neumark)

Ten Years

They Don’t Care


Trophy Fuck*

Vic Wulsin Is My Candidate

What Did I Do?*

What Is Wrong with Me*


You’re in the Sun (co-written with Michael Gottlieb)

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