up alllll night.

ive been up allll night trying to set things up for this fall.

i emailed the lgbt groups of 5 different colleges (umass amherst, tufts, wellesley, northeastern, and upenn) to see about booking mrs. danvers for a show in the fall. then i started working on my (solo) reverbnation page and got a little crazy editing the shit out of it.

to recap since my last post which was well over two months ago (sorry about that)…

mrs. danvers played some very memorable shows. dyke march was obviously the shit. incredible crowd, best sound we’ve ever had, so much positive energy, tons of new fans. martha’s vineyard on june 19 was greattttt. on the official danvers blog we have two entries about the experience– mine and steph’s which is all about DONUTS.

june 22nd, i had a baller (solo) show at tt the bear’s in cambridge with arizona and black kettle on the bill too. here’s a clip of “ringmaster” a circusy song im recording now

around that same time, mrs. danvers recorded ‘what did i do’ and ‘trophy fuck’ w. drew english which we are officially releasing this friday as the “what did i do’ ep on august 28th at cafe 939 (921 boylston). you can stream the songs now at our myspace but we ordered the cds through discmakers.com and they look sweet. Digital downloads should be on iTunes and other online retailers by early October.

The month of July, Mrs. Danvers was not as active, with both Randi and Vargas being out of town much of the time. But I gigged with The Ex-Girlfriends and Black Kettle a fair amount. I recorded some bass for Black Kettle at q-division studios which was pretty cool. Our engineer, matt beaudoin had worked with jon brion and aimee mann before- which to me would be like drinking from the holy grail. I got to play a Gretsch hollow-bodied bass that was very very nice and had a very paul bryan/paul mccartney sound to it.

Mid-July, I played a pretty hilariously memorable show with The Ex-Girlfriends at this place called Tiki Hideaway, which is an ultra-dinky hotel bar connected to the Howard Johnson hotel in Fenway. Man, did we love this place. Each of us (there are three ex-girlfriends) got free fruity girly pseudo-tropical drinks and the place was carpeted and so so so small. Between the three bands that played that night, probably 40 people came but it was packed. and sticky hot. But there was something about being a carpeted room with a bar and nice armchairs– it makes all the difference when you get used to the cold, impersonal physical environment of so many clubs and venues…Great to talk to Geneva and Dabbo and Claire and Emily and Andy and Gisela that night.

Another memorable gig was The Middle East upstairs with Black Kettle on August 8. Never played the club before. the response to the music was great. i kept getting recognized later that week by berklee folk who would say “hey, you played with black kettle at the middle east, right? you guys ruled!” oh and just in case ya didn’t know, the food there FUCKING ROCKS. i ordered this incredible bean stew. 9 bucks and it came with a salad and pita bread. and since i got a musician’s discount, i paid 4 bucks for one of the most delicious meals of my life…yeah, fun times. EXCEPT. i totally took shay spence’s guitar after the gig cuz he has an identical gig case to mine for my bass. i felt pretty embarrassed by that. found out on the bus across the harvard bridge back to boston and was like ‘well shit.’ we exchanged later that night and it was allllll chill.

The day before the Middle East show, on August 7th, I played with the Ex-Girlfriends at the Great Scott. I think I made a pretty awful joke about horse sex that night.

August 10, I had a show at PA’s Lounge in Somerville- it was a solo show and I tried out a new lineup for my band in preparation for the acoustic show I committed to doing on August 13 at Cafe 939 for Kris Roche’s cd release party. So it included Jimmy Kadesch on hand percussion (djembe, tambourine, shaker) Ashley Root on guitar and background vocals, and then of course, Alex Swift on bass. Having never played with Jimmy or Ashley before, the show went really well. Buick Audra who headlined brought in a shitton of people, many of whom seemed to be loyal fans of hers. She’s a nice lady and Dave Walsh is nice as well (hew opened things up with his punk-acoustic songs). PA’s Lounge looks kind of like an aerobics studio converted into a venue, with shiny wooden floors, low ceilings, and church pews on the left. It’s a pretty unique place to play and I kinda dug it. I will say, however, that I had kicked back a few drinks that night and hence was having a COMPLETE blast. after the show, i kind of expected people to swarm me, that’s how fucking awesome i thought we did, and like, no one did. it was kind of hilarious. i think it was a combination of me inflating how positive the crowd was because i was tipsy and just a really mellow crowd. everyone else in the band had a great time and we made 30 dollars which is pretty awesome for getting to drink free beer and only bringing in 3 people. bottom line: pa’s lounge is kinda sweet, minus the public transit issue.

the next day, august 11, mrs. danvers headed down to brooklyn, nyc to play at trash bar. i blogged briefly about it here. it was pretty sweet. the highlights for me were going to LA burritos, checking out a pretty sweet vintage clothing store in williamsburg, staying at natasha’s (vargas’ gf) sick pad in the west village with the awesome view and all of her sweet dogs. natasha was hella nice and even tried inflating an air mattress for way longer than she had to given that the thing was clearly NOT gonna inflate. sweet of her, for sure. now that ive said ‘sweet’ about 30 times in this paragraph…anyway…probably the biggest highlight was hanging with jon schmidt, will tendy, derek mcwilliams, and sarah goldstone (who i had the pleasure of meeting that night) who were all in nyc playing in the orchestra for Clueless the musical. we REALLY appreciated their presence and it was also great seeing Rebecca Perkins and meeting her gf bec. very nice that they came as well. the people at trash bar who came for the band before us stayed and were so nice and enthusiastic. the guy from the band before us, GETSET even gave me his strap, which i merely wanted to borrow. we sold some cds and got some people on our mailing list which was pretty cool, i think! ive heard horror stories about people playing in nyc and nobody comes and people are assholes and yada yada. nah, it was pretty fun all around and a good experience. AND trash bar has incredible sound!

august 13 was my (solo) show at cafe 939 w/ niniandben on the bill and kris roche headlining since it was his cd release. played two new songs “four walls” and “i wanna believe you” both of which went over VERY well. they were certainly my favorite to play that night and i think they sounded best. you can listen to them at my myspace im very excited about recording them because they are such straightforward songs. i dont need crazy drums or weird instrumentation or too much production. the production seems to kind of occur to me naturally. it should be breezy to record them, i feel. anyway, the show went pretty well. people came, response was good, jimmy bought me “surfer on acid” shot which was so good afterwards at the cactus club.

we’re almost up to speed, i promise and then i can finish this disturbingly never-ending blog post. congrats for making it to the end.

the day before yesterday, we finished vocals, organ for Ringmaster, which im recording with my neighbor andrew nault. my friend michael arranged it for lots of instrumentation, so now, what’s left is strings, woodwinds, and brass– heh. so we’re gonna record those instruments sometime between sep 7-10. the basics sound pretty cool. i can’t wait to finish it! i also finished guitars and vocals and drums for I Wanna Be Your Zombie. so i’ll finish that early September when Kailynn, who’s engineering it, gets back.

THIS week, i have a show with danvers at hennessey’s (by fanueil hall) at 8:00 pm. it’s drew english’s farewell show since he’s moving to la. friday is our cd release at cafe 939. we gotta be razor sharp for both of these gigs, for sure!

mission is to have as active of a gigging/recording schedule during the fall as i did during the summer WHILE working WHILE going to school full-time. we shall see. i wanna make it happen though.

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