Tonight’s Show at Hennessey’s

Cross-posted at Danvers blog

Mrs. D played at Hennessey’s, one of the Irish pubs on Union Street by Fanueil Hall. It was Drew English’s going-away show before he moves to LA. There were very few people in attendance for our set. Maybe 10 at most, only about 5 of whom were actually listening. The reception was pretty tepid even though we were playing our absolute balls off, so to speak. The sound guy and door ladies LOVED it though. They even signed our email list afterwards. Pretty nifty. Dhy told the audience about how each time we play “Jamie” we change the name and lyrics of the song to match that of a female audience member with two syllables– and some hoots (of the straight male bro variety) could be heard. Not every crowd we play for will be queer-centric nor even indie, so it’s good practice to play in these kinds of situations. Drew’s set was pretty cool. He has some good players in his band, and I enjoy his vocals and guitar tone a lot. His music is incredibly marketable and I believe he has the tools and skills to do very well in LA. Afterwards, Vargas and Dhy and I went to the Rattlesnake for Boofer’s birthday party. The bartender was an absolute bitch, but it was nice seeing Boofer. Exhausted, we left around 1:30. Now I am home, reflecting upon the events of the day, which included two 3-mile jogs. Conclusion upon reflection: I need to focus less upon my selfish desires and more on being a good human being and treating other people with the respect that they deserve and that I would want for myself. That is a major goal for this fall semester.

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