random update

first of all, here’s a video of mrs. danvers’ performance on emerson channel’s show, fast forward rewind. im not sure how long that link will last but we recorded it last night and it aired live on the emerson campus.

i had a photo shoot with natanya khashan today who did mrs. danvers’ sexlicious photos. im looking forward to seeing how they turned out– particularly the “trophy fuck”- themed ones. natanya is a very talented photographer- and let’s face it– anything’s gonna be better than the craptastic pics of me on my myspace from when i was 17.

i had a rehearsal for michael wartofsky’s wedding tonight. im playing acoustic guitar for it and it’s a fun challenge. i dont typically read guitar charts, so it can be challenging to try to find appropriate voicings (like an Eb/F, for instance) as well as reading the actual notation and balancing that with rhythmic notation and my general intuition about rhythm guitar. im really digging it. it’s someone’s wedding at stake- the most important day of his life- i have to play perfectly.

black kettle has a gig at massart this friday at 7 pm.

ex-girlfriends played at club passim last sunday for a folk festival. it was wonderful playing vulgar, obscene comedy songs to audiences primed on mellow, earnest folk music. really, the energy in the room was just awkward enough to be awesome…also if you’re in harvard sq, check out cafe pamplona. cheap, delicious desserts and great coffee.

well im tired and i must retire.

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