“I Wanna Be Your Zombie” rough mix now on myspace

Check it out at my myspace

We’re still tweaking some thangs, as this mix is straight off the board, er protools file. I’m thinking about adding some male vocals to the “ha ha ha’s” to beef it up. The drums and guitars need more steroids, so to speak, in the EQ. Everything needs to sit better in the mix, but im still happy with this as a rough representation.

Santiago Machicado engineered the drums last summer, which are performed by Bruno Esrubilsky. Kailynn West of Black Kettle engineered the guitars, bass, vocals a few weeks ago. We just did the organ and bass guitar last night.

I think it’d be a great song for a music video. So I’m gonna try to make that happen sometime this fall.

It’s very easy for anything zombie-related to be kitschy and in-jokey. But this was real and raw when i wrote it and still feels that way to me. Hopefully that’s how listeners will respond to it too.

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