Harvard gig recap + upcoming shows

Mrs Danvers played at Harvard’s Queen’s Head Pub last Friday, October 30. It was a pretty cool gig. The Harvard Queer Students and Allies sponsored the performance, and we answered questions from the audience afterwards. The venue was exactly what you’d expect a private Harvard bar to look like: classy, leather chairs, fine finished wood floors and walls, an overall vibe of erudition and wealth. Amazingly the draft beers were sometimes as cheap as 3.25- and not for a PBR either. I was impressed though couldn’t indulge because I was driving that night.

The audience was a nice combination of Harvard and Berklee students as well as ruggers (our loyal fan-base that consists of Wentworth, Simmons, and Northeastern rugby players who are close friends with Steph, the drummer). Mrs D has a show this Friday at Church in Fenway with Shoney Lamar. We will be selling our brand spankin’ new t-shirts designed by Vic Jones of Merge, our clothing sponsor.

On Monday, I played upright bass for the Ex-Girlfriends at Storytellers, a Berklee showcase of singing/songwriting talent. My wrap-up for the Berklee Groove can be found here.

Tomorrow, I’m playing electric bass for Black Kettle at Cafe 939 on Boylston at 1pm for their lunchtime series.

Next Wednesday, November 11, I may be playing a gig at Church in Fenway as a solo artist. On the 12th and the 13th I will be shooting my music video for “I Wanna Be Your Zombie.” December 9, I will be playing a gig at TT the Bear’s in Central Square. Gypsy Cab will also be playing.

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