Zombie Diary #1

Day one of the shoot for the “I Wanna Be Your Zombie” music video went swimmingly. We had an energetic and talented cast (friends) and a crew of four filmmakers from Emerson. We tore my apartment to shit to make it more open for wide shots and in general, less apartment-y (had to tear down the ole Obama poster and move the bed). Hence why I’m sleeping on my couch. We did mostly band footage tonight– Bruno Esrubilsky and Alex Swift “played” drums and bass in sync with the recording. Michael Gottlieb, Geneva Williams, Willie Cauldwell (who also did my makeup), Ethan Yeager, Curran McDowell, and Emma Phillips-Strain all played party-goers while Lydia Fischer and Sawyer Stoltz donned zombie makeup and grabbed and bit at my legs and feet. They were excellent, and their makeup was genuinely disgusting. The makeup effects were done by Jory Block, a student at Emerson, and an old classmate of mine from high school in Cincinnati who I’m reconnecting with through working on the video. Matt Pitkoff is directing and really knows his shit. It’s great to watch him interact with the lighting specialist because the technical aspects of filmmaking are so out of my realm– I like watching people do what they’re good at without comprehending any of it. Lots of good vibes going around. Tomorrow we’ll do the bulk of the video– the party scene, and the blood and gore and vomit will be intense. I’m very pumped!!!

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  1. SOUNDS like its gonna be EPIC!!!!! I wish i could have been there… Your PARTY-GOERS crew is epic…. That would be a really fun party! Glad to see your making things happen ann… way to be son.

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