Zombie Diary #2 (with photos)

Day Two of the shoot for “I Wanna Be Your Zombie” went very well on Friday (the 13th! ahh!) The day started off with Sawyer (my roommate who also appears in the video) and I buying two 30-racks of PBR at 11:00 A.M. This $300 budget film cost me $150 in drinks, pizza, and snacks and $150 in makeup f/x, so I clearly did not skimp on the beer, and it arguably paid off in good vibes and creating a genuine party atmosphere.

Makeup F/X specialist, Jory Block putting makeup on me

My brother, Thad, who was visiting from Ohio, came back with the car after spending the night in Northampton around noon and we went to park it before shooting began…Trying to find parking on Friday during the early afternoon is not fun. We drove around for over a half an hour, searching in vain for something permanent for the weekend, but inevitably had to park at a meter. It kind of delayed the shoot a bit, and put me in a bit of a bad mood, but I recovered as filming began and more people showed up to participate in the video. My brother and Beth Ricci, both of whom appeared in the video as party-goers/zombie, were very helpful in getting quarters and feeding the meter.

The filmmaking process is very collaborative and everyone has to help out. Be it with moving things for a shot, helping people with wardrobe, cleaning up stuff, getting people in places. I noticed that the process worked best when everyone performed little tasks and contributed to helping out. There was a time during filming when it was about 4pm and I hadn’t eaten since the morning. I was tired and woozy, and my hands were coated in thick fake blood and had to remain so for the next shot, so I had to ask Zac Taylor (who played the angry neighbor) to make me a sandwich. Kind of embarrassing to ask someone, but I really needed help! In the end, we all have to accommodate each other to get the job done. Film is without a doubt a fascinating process, requiring the constant manipulation of physical space, objects, and people.

Anyway, as soon as I got back, I was put in zombie makeup. We first filmed the nail-falling off gag (inspired, in large part, by The Fly), the bathroom line biting gag, the opening POV shot, the feeding frenzy, and most fun– the vomiting gag, (which consisted of chunky New England clam chowder and food coloring). This Tuesday night, we’re going to wrap up shooting with some exteriors in Brookline.

Bloody disgusting

Filming the nail-falling-off gag

Pics courtesy of Beth Ricci

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