Trophy Fuck on youtube — liner notes

The inspiration for creating this video is predicated on the idea that YouTube is a universal medium for listening to music. Even your grandma or grandpa knows how to go on YouTube. And we all use it- at the office, with our friends, at home. Wanna hear that one random song from the 80’s? Youtube it. You may get an entire music video or just a static picture of the album the song was on as your visual accompaniment. Or a fan-made collage of pictures and clips of the artist or a random tv/film star/fictional couple (God knows how many songs got their boost in popularity by being integrated with a Twilight or New Moon photo collage). If this is the case, shouldn’t every artist put their songs on youtube for free streaming and use it to direct viewers/listeners to their iTunes? The songs are going to go up there anyway, if you’re popular enough.

With that in mind, I created the “Trophy Fuck” video you see here in a few hours. Not a music video really. More like digital liner notes. With tidbits about the recording of the song, the meaning of the lyrics, and photos specifically taken (by Natanya Khashan) to capture the spirit of the song. Instead of flipping through a CD booklet (since we all know CD’s are dying out) you can go on YouTube and learn more about the song- with information provided by the artist.

In posting this video, I hope to have accomplished two things: a) provided a recording of the song that people can listen to, with or without the visual accompaniment b) provided a little more interesting content (in the form of photos, lyrics, and background info) to people who may like or be curious about the song. If I did the two things correctly, it seems inevitable that I should see a sales boost in my iTunes.

Now of course, there’s no comparison between the impact of this kind of thing and an actual full-fledged music video- which is why I shot one of those too. If the video for “I Wanna Be Your Zombie” turns out to be funny and clever and integrated well with the song (which I believe it will), I think you can’t ask for more, in terms of potentially viral web content. A music video is an entirely new artistic creation- not just a marketing gimmick. The best require craft, ingenuity, tons of effort, and in many cases, big budgets. Their power is undeniable, and to my knowledge, they are pretty much only produced as web content, at least in the United States, where music videos are simply not played with the frequency that they used to.

But for only a couple hours on iMovie, it seems like a minimal hassle to post youtube liner notes videos for all of your best songs. Even if your visual content sucks, you at least have the song up there so a few extra people who search for you can at least listen to it, put it on their playlists, and such. And if nothing else, now Grandma can hear it. Which in “Trophy Fuck”‘s case, may not be the best idea, after all.

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One response to “Trophy Fuck on youtube — liner notes

  1. You totally succeeded in making this a really enjoyable, and personal experience! Thanks for taking the time to do that. And how frickin adorable are you in this video!

    Of course, I can’t relate to the song at all because I am always way hotter than my ex’s new BFs…. soo…. lol

    Okay… posting to FB and Twitter to promote!

    Troy aka CocteauBoy

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