Weekend Gig Recap part I: wellesley (mrs d)

MRS DANVERS- Thursday, December 3- Wellesley Battle of the Bands

This gig went really well, in spite of my worries- or perhaps because of them. It was stressful organizing transportation, but we worked it out the night before. I also had to take my guitar into the shop to get it set up and strap locks put in, which meant I borrowed my friend Pete Holland-Recine’s strat.

Loading our stuff into my car was kind of a nightmare because normally we go into an alley wedged between the Harvard Club parking lot and the back of Steph’s apartment to get the drums and whatever else people store at her place. But the parking lot was hopping, and the alley way was blocked so we double-parked in the parking lot, amidst these valets trying to park fancy-ass cars.

We loaded shit in my car as uickly as we could, but I realized that while I was helping load stuff in, I dropped my keys somewhere– ostensibly underneath all the hundreds of pounds of euipment we had just stuffed in. I almost had a mental breakdown, trying to find the keys while being yelled at by the valets and enduring angry stares from rich, old drunk white people, but luckily Randi found them.

Because the parking lot was so packed, the only exit was also the entrance, and it was extremely difficult to back up and turn around. In the midst of this process of trying to back up (with Dhy standing outside the car and directing me since I couldn’t see shit out of my rear-view mirror from all the gear blocking the windows) the valet yells at me “did you just hit that car??” Um, no sir. In fact, we were ALMOST turned around. But he then made me get out of my own car and let him turn my car around. He then proceeded to stomp on the pedal and get within a centimeter of hitting the parked car he had previously accused me of hitting. A visceral reaction ensued– I screamed loudly “NOOOO” — my life basically flashed before my eyes, as I saw the conseuences of letting someone else drive my car and then HIT a parked car which I’m pretty sure was a damn nice car too. But despite his seeming recklessness, he did end up turning my car around and we were on our merry way.

Though the drive there was kind of a comedy of errors as well. In the wreckage of my frantic key-search, my directions had gotten torn up, and weren’t readable. Dhy’s iPhone GPS was our only hope, and it got us there, but in a kind of convoluted way, plus it kept pooping out.

When we finally arrived in Wellesley, it was awesome. Beautiful campus with rolling hills, old-school New England architecture, adorable yet kind of tony adjacent town…Oh, and there was a lake (or pond?) next to the TZE sorority house that we played at, which by the way, was like a beautiful restored cabin/lodge like place- very historic, old wood, cozy with big leather couches. I should clarify that the ladies do not live in the house- it is more of a lodge and space for them to host events. I’m not sure if Wellesley even has sorority houses as we think of them. But anyway, the ladies were very nice and hospitable, providing a truly impressive platter of appetizers, drinks, and desserts. I mean, you’re lucky if you get a drink ticket when you perform at a club, so it was nice to have an array of cheeses, dips, uiches, donut holes, coffee, champagne, soda, et al at our disposal. Vargas and I spent about thirty minutes grazing.

The so-called “battle of the bands” was really just a lineup of four performers, of which Mrs D was one. It was a charity event to raise money and canned goods for the Elizabeth Stone House, and none of the bands were paid nor was there really a prize. But at the end of all four sets, ballots were administered and tallied, and Mrs D emerged victorious. It was fun- we were the only band- the other performers were solo artists, which I think gave us an edge, though Alex Markovitz who performed before us was undeniably entertaining and talented. And it was heartening to see a lot of the Wellesley girls dancing and groovin to the music. I encouraged them to “rise in their pews.” I personally usually relish the opportunity to sit. I even enjoy music better sometimes when I’m sitting. But Mrs D isn’t really a “sit-down” kind of band, for the most part.

I got wayyyy into the performance. Like spastic, demonic-possession-like into it. I was head-banging incessantly, dancing around, and just pouring all of my energy into the songs. And I wasn’t even drunk. I wonder if it came across as cool and engaging or just fucked up and weird. lol.

The response towards the band was very positive from the Wellesley girls who want us to play again for a show on Marathon Monday and who obviously voted for us. It was a pretty jolly good time.

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