Review of “I Wanna Be Your Zombie” up

From Boston Band Crush

Everyone seems preoccupied with zombies as of late. Usually we receive songs about killing them and whatnot, but Ann Driscoll is here to put on the costume and do the Thriller dance and somehow manage to charm us anyway with her whole “back from the dead” thing.

“I Wanna Be Your Zombie” starts with a funeral dirge that loses its steam and, well, dies. We soon find out that this is Driscoll’s (dramatized) death, and she’s back in undead form. But instead of doing that whole moaning and staggering bit that zombies usually do when trying to eat your brain, Driscoll instead sings this high-speed dirge that is both complimentary and a little threatening at once.

Were she to actually become a zombie, Driscoll wouldn’t really have to chase many people around, as this song is sonically arresting in its punchy macabre. Driscoll promises an unhappy ending, but we find ourselves wanting to stick around anyway, just to hear the song end. And it does, in another wheel-brake organ stop, except by now she’s probably popped the lid off your cranium and is feasting down. Scratch that idea – this song simply worms its way into your ears, through whatever connects them to your brain and gains access that way, eating away at you, yet still leaving your head bobbing mindlessly. And it’s OK.

And a brief update on the state of the video: we wrapped up shooting two weeks ago in the frigid cold in Brookline. Matt Pitkoff, the director, is currently editing it. It should be done within a month. The footage looks sick, in all senses of the word.

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