A Glaring Omission

In my post about the best (or my favorite) movies of the decade, I forgot to include a film that is certainly in my top ten: Ghost World. Directed by Terry Zwigoff (who has gone on to do less illustrious work in Art School Confidential and Bad Santa) this 2001 film is both a satire about the decline of American culture and an earnest inquiry into the meaning and limitations of authenticity. It boasts a quirky, sarcastic, but subtly disturbing tone due to the dread and hopelessness of its anti-hero Enid (Thora Birch) who is surly to the point of cruelty. Aside from bland jabs at Starbucks in the Shrek films, cubicle hell satires (Office Space, The Office) and the occasional Jewish suburbia nightmare flick (A Serious Man, Solondz movies) there are few films that really examine the depressing, soulless character to modern, corporatized America. Ghost World has to be the most thorough, funny, human, and tragic.

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