The Noise reviews Mrs Danvers show at the Middle East

Check out this review of Mrs Danvers’ show at the Middle East Downstairs on 12/12/09 in The Noise: Rock Around Boston

It’s a Saturday night and in the dimly lit downstairs of the Middle East, fans are already piling in to see Mrs. Danvers. I am skeptical about the music a self-proclaimed lesbian band will bring to the stage—too many bands focus on what they are instead of their music—but by the end of their first song, the band has more than changed my mind. Mrs. Danvers’ strangely alluring frontwoman, Ann Driscoll, kicks off the set with the catchy and upbeat “Trophy Fuck” to cheers from the audience. Within seconds the 30 feet in front of the stage has turned into one big dancing mess. The five-piece band is comprised entirely of Berklee students, so you can rest assured that the music Mrs. Danvers is providing isn’t just pop-rock, but pop-rock with style. Throughout the set the band’s bassist, Dhyana, her sweet Mohawk, and her five-stringed friend lay down bass lines that lend each song decidedly funky undertones. In songs like “Wicked One,” Randi from Alaska completes the band’s sound with trumpet lines ranging from smooth and soulful to ska-like pump-ups. Mixing pop, rock, funk, catchy melodies, fun lyrics, and an all-around cool image, Mrs. Danvers plays a rocking show that ends all too fast. (Yon Dotan)

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