mrs d recording update

Been putting in a lot of long days and nights recording the new debut MRS D album. Things are being completed, slowly but surely. I figure we’ll be done with all tracking by the end of the next week. We have our last session at Q-Division tonight. Then I have to finish up guitars and vocals for a few tracks. The record is gonna be pretty good. I’m excited. Pete-Holland Recine and Drew English have been helping complete the guitar tracks, which has saved us a lot of money and helped the record sound good. One of the things I’ve really come to recognize since putting in hours upon hours of studio time throughout my studies at Berklee (as a bass player or an artist doing friends’ projects) is the value of “letting go.” Letting go of my insecurities about my voice, my music, and just trying my best. Really focusing, being on my game, thinking through things, practicing, preparing, but at the end of the day, not feeling tormented.

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