SXSW pt. 3…Mary-Louise Parker

So, I wrote two SXSW recaps: pt1 Party in Round Rock and pt2 The Showcases and promised to write a third, but never did. Well, I suppose the only really notable things I left out were that I had a really great time playing with Black Kettle on St. Patty’s Day at a random gig at an Irish bar on 6th street for the Red Gorilla festival. AND that I saw Mary-Louise Parker on the street on Friday night, which i will expound upon in greater detail in a bit. First BK: Black Kettle got asked to do the gig Wednesday afternoon, and I, having stayed the night with them at Sara Houser and Grant Himmler’s place, was present and ready. The gig went exceedingly well. They sold a bunch of CD’s, and some ladies wanted their picture taken with them. Though I no longer have the time to play with them regularly, it was cool to fill in at a moment’s notice and be able to help out. Plus I got to play Grant’s sweet Jaguar bass.

As for Mary-Louise Parker, I saw her walking on south Congress street after having dinner with my brother, mom, and Julie Neumark at Guero’s. Though I hadn’t seen her (movie-wise) in much except Red Dragon, that inferior-to-Manhunter, piece of Brett Ratner-directed dogshit which she is barely in and Angels in America, where her character was very peripheral, I have a knack for knowing celebrities and definitely recognized her. She is beautiful and tall, and wears dark eye make-up. She was with an attractive, rocker guy with good hair, who I later found out is a singer-songwriter named Charlie Mars, who is playing at Cafe 939 in May.

I wouldn’t even care to write about Mary-Louise Parker specifically if I hadn’t had a revelation this past weekend that she is a fucking great actress. You see, being sick and all, I laid in bed and watched a lot of netflix streaming, and saw Boys on the Side and Fried Green Tomatoes two 90’s lesbo gems that weirdly omit explicit gay romance, and both of which feature MLP as the object of the (butch-er) protagonist’s fancy (Whoopi Goldberg in ‘Boys‘ and Mary Stuart Masterson in ‘Fried‘)…In both films, MLP only comes to accept protagonist’s true love whilst dying, thereby rendering gay romance unthreatening and neutered. But the thing is, both movies are great insofar as Mary-Louise Parker and her partner or “close friend” (as it is explicitly stated) riff off of each other. Whoopi and Parker at the beginning of Boys are freakin hysterical and human. Mary Stuart Masterson and Parker have even greater chemistry and better moments of naturalistic, un-self-conscious behavior in ‘Fried’. Needless to say, I gotta start watching Weeds. And pretty much anything else Mary-Louise Parker is in.

What else??? I’m using this blog as a catch-all for anything I left out of previous SXSW entries…

In terms of celeb sightings, I saw John Norris of MTV News walking around and pretended like I knew him, and said “Hey John.” He reciprocated feigned recognition and said “Hi” back with his signature toothy grin. A bunch of my friends saw Mini-Me (Verne Troyer) at a restaurant on Thursday, and Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were on the red carpet for the premiere of The Runaways right across from the Chipotle that I was eating at on Thursday. But that’s about it.

Sorry this entry was lame as all hell. SXSW was so long ago at this point. But my newfound love for Mary Louise-Parker remains fresh, hence why I wrote it in the first place.

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