Two new recordings up at My Fake Funeral myspace

Rough mixes of “Trash” and “Jesus Don’t Like Beggars” are up at the myspace

“Trash” was produced/recorded by Pete Holland-Recine and “Jesus Don’t Like Beggars” was produced/recorded by Kailynn West. They each contributed to the recording of the other’s song, however. The tracks feature me on guitars, piano, vocals, Dabbo Caucci on bass, and Bruno Esrubilsky on drums/percussion. We still have to finish tracking the Kailynn West-produced “Four Walls” which will feature Justin Hancock on guitars, and further mixing still has to be done on all the tracks. I think they sound real good. “Trash” definitely captures the 60’s/Motown/Beatles vibe I was envisioning, especially with the reverb effects Pete added in the mix so far as well as the guitar tones he was able to get. “Jesus” definitely sounds spooky and spare, which I like. But if you get the chance to listen, drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.

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