queerstock 2010 recap

Well, as some of you may or may not know, I started and have organized queerstock, an LGBT musical showcase at Berklee for three years now. We had our third annual showcase this past Friday at the Berklee Caf and it was a great success. Approximately 100 people showed up to watch an incredibly talented lineup play their hearts out.

I confess to being insanely sick the day of the show. I basically spent all weekend in bed, watching episodes of the X-Files, and literally consuming an entire package of dayquil in two days. But I was glad I was at least feeling okay enough to participate in the show.

Anyway, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this year featured the best lineup we’ve had yet.

Muthaship got the show started off extremely strongly. Princess Mason, the lead vocalist is a total powerhouse, and this ten-piece Sly and the Family Stone-inspired funk band was tight.

I heard many people say that their favorite act of the night was She Killer, a lesbian pop band in the same vein as MRS D. The drumming was solid, Kayla Lee’s vocals/rapping were both amusing and powerful, Carol Loan’s synths sounded great, and Jemila Dunham might just be one of my favorite bass players at Berklee. And she’s only eighteen.

Joe Bissell’s band Impression had crazy-awesome energy with their covers of Mika’s “Grace Kelly” and MJ’s “Black or White.” (link to video) Leaping around, tearing his shirt off to reveal a painted skinny rocker torso, and making out with his boyfriend mid-guitar solo, Joe pretty much pwned queerstock.

Hilda Boustany reminded us of mellower queerstocks of years past with her spirited folk songs. Boustany, armed with only an acoustic guitar and a lovely British-accented voice, serenaded the dark, attentive caf.

A modified lineup (without Dhy, with Norah Lutz on bass, and Lydia Fischer sharing vox) of MRS DANVERS played “What Did I Do.” Let’s just say, some shit went seriously awry. I already mentioned how I was sick right? Well, aside from sounding like a nasally frog, Prescilla-my-guitar popped a string and the kickdrum literally busted mid-song. That’s right. It was a hot mess. But hey, I’m always hard on us. People said we sounded good. Afterwards, I wanted to say to the audience, “What did we do…to you?”

Fox-Sized Bites, Lydia Fischer’s band picked things right up with their amazing songs. “Defeating the Monster” is a new one with gorgeous backing vocals that they debuted that’s absolutely wonderful. “I’m Gonna Make Her Mine” is a Bossa Nova song before turning into a reggae jam. The latter is pure summer music. Ebullient.

Finally, funk band, Hellfire and Honey closed things out, getting people moving with sexy horn hits and sixteenth note grooves.

Yeah, queerstock this year was a lot more rockin’ and groovin’. There were tons of gays from all over that came. And it was just a grand ole time. Now, who’s gonna do it next year?- I’m not sure. Stay tuned or better yet, if you’re a Berklee kid, take an active role in organizing it and making it bigger and better than I ever could.

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  1. Hi Annie D:

    Thanks for being an out, loud, and proud voice of LGBT folk at Berklee, and for having been a pro and having trooped through the show despite your illness! You rock!!

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