Vote for MRS DANVERS to play at Lilith Fair

Time is running out to vote for MRS DANVERS to play at Lilith Fair. You have by tomorrow (5/24) til midnight to vote for us. We have to be in the top 20 to make it to the final round.

From our facebook event:

Here’s the link to vote:


MRS DANVERS entered the Lilith Fair Local Talent Search contest. The winner plays the Lilith Fair Show nearest them, which is good ol’ Beantown for us!

What are we asking? FOR YOUR VOTE!

When is the vote? SATURDAY MAY 1st – May 30th!!!!!!!

How many times? As many as your little heart desires, but please at least one 😦

How do you vote? Go to (You have to register with in order to vote– very simple just provide an email and password).

When MRS DANVERS pops up as one of the four bands to judge, make sure to put us in the number one top spot as “best” …it may take a few rounds to get to the MRS DANVERS song but we’d really appreciate it if you can withstand listening to a few clips of other bands to help us out.

We really appreciate all the help we can get for this contest. It would be an honor to perform at such a great event, and to know that our fans made it possible would be THAT MUCH MORE AMAZING! Show your support for Boston, and DANVERS, and women in music!

We LOVE you all, and hope you will help us by casting your vote this SATURDAY MAY 1st!

Thank You!

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