Los Angeles

I had a wonderful time in LA the past week, recording bass tracks for Johnny Nicholson‘s record with Jorn Bielfeldt on drums and Alex Krispin producing. I left on July 4 and flew out yesterday, July 15. We worked hard every day for 10 days- rehearsing at Johnny’s spot in the warehouse district and recording at Alex’s in South-Central. I believe I grew a lot as a bassist, and I’m excited for the endless possibilities the record has in terms of production and arrangements.

In the midst of playing this music, I met many wonderful people, including Johnny’s brother Bobby, an artist and t-shirt designer from the Bay Area. I got to hang out with talented, driven young people the same age as me who are doing what they love with confidence. I even got to fill in on bass for a show that Alex’s band Verb, Adjective, Noun played at Silverlake Lounge (ps: their forthcoming record is going to create some serious waves- listen to “Moonshine” for a taste). Though my feelings on LA as a city itself were mixed, I had an awesome experience, playing great music with great people.

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