Just got the first mixes of “Make Up Your Fucking Mind” that we did in Poughkeepsie at Will Tendy’s studio. Damn. I’m pretty happy. Not sure when or how we’re going to release it, but there will be fanfare. Trumpets and elves with bells on. Rockettes wearing tassels. Something like that.

Tomorrow, I have a photo shoot with Jon Stars and then I’m getting my myspace all doo-dadded up by Falco Graffick. I’m building and myself on iWeb and it’s going well so far. I should be able to launch the former in a few weeks, with new photos and graphics.

Also, my friend Dave of Air Traffic Controller invited me to open up for them at The Beachcomber this Friday, August 6 in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. I’m pretty excited. Joseph Arthur is playing there on Thursday and Rhett Miller the following week. It seems like a great venue. Justin, Dabbo, and I will be doing an acoustic trio. Bruno left for South America last week and Jorn, who will be joining us for our subsequent gigs this month, is still in LA finishing up Johnny’s record.

Things are going really well. Good stuff all around. I’ve decided that if I can’t get a job in LA or New York by late August, I’m going to move home to Cincinnati for a month until I do. Having that as an option has actually motivated me more to get my life together, and freed me from my paralysis at facing my life, post-graduation.

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