Rocking out in Cape Cod this past weekend

Playing in Cape Cod this past weekend was amazing. Justin, Dabbo, and I went up to the Cape on Friday (after auditioning earlier that morning for an American Eagle commercial, which I’ll talk about later…or maybe never…) to play at The Beachcomber in Wellfleet. The Beachcomber has a reputation as being a pretty exclusive venue and I think it’s fairly obvious why the amount of bands wanting to play there greatly exceeds the amount of bands they can or want to accommodate. Here are just a few (certainly not all) reasons, in no particular order, why this place is the coolest venue I’ve ever played at.

-it’s a venue on a beach. And a beautiful one at that. Gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean.
-There’s a built-in crowd of people wanting to hear good music and dance
-Everyone who works there is incredibly laid-back, fun, and cool
-Wonderful napping room with two couches.
-Many different kinds of margaritas and a raw oyster bar that sells oysters harvested a mile away
-Their sound guy, Chris cares.

Needless to say, my gratitude to Dave of Air Traffic Controller for adding me to this bill is immense. Here are some pictures from our show.

And here I am with the Munro brothers: Dave and Rich of Air Traffic Controller and Jeff, band photographer/dancer

May the Beachcomber have us back again, someday!!

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