Some Blog Love for Annie D

Crazy With a Side of Awesome Sauce shows my music some love

I discovered Ann Driscoll maybe a year ago on accident through the Internets and fell instantly in love with her weird quirky songs. And at first, once I’d discovered her, it was a challenge to find more. But find more I did and I heart her music so hard. I’ve been wanting to share her for a while now (and may again).

posting “Novelty” :

The first: a song that is not so much about love than about the pitfalls of the fumbling for love, of near misses in coupling. I’ve felt exactly like this in the past and this song has made me feel better many a time.

And Tell Her, a duet I co-wrote over the internet with Julie Neumark:

The second: a duet by Miss Ann Driscoll and Julie Neumark… I love this song and I LOVE girly duets. These two sound glorious together. And this song is so simple and so just fantastic in its rightness. It’s just the good advice you want to slap someone with but never do.

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