MPMF madness pt 1

Just wanted to update ya’ll on what’s going on this week. So MRS DANVERS is playing the Midpoint Music Festival in CIncinnati, Ohio- aka: Dhy and I’s hometown. I’m playing a show tonight at 8:45 at Neon’s Unplugged at the Artist Clubhouse. The address is 208 E. 12th Cincinnati, OH. Tomorrow night, MRS D is playing at Inner Peace Center, which is located at 708 Walnut Street; Cincinnati, OH 45202.

The other ladies of MRS DANVERS and I drove from Boston to Cincinnati on Wednesday. We drove all 14 hours in one day and got in quite late. Lots of fast food was consumed, including the Double Down from KFC (I, as a vegetarian, of course, did not partake). Thursday, we woke up and had blueberry pancakes, fake sausage, and coffee for breakfast courtesy of my mom. We then made a bunch of flyers at Kinko’s, got Dhy’s bass fixed, and then went downtown and saw Wussy play at Grammer’s and No No Knots play at the Contemporary Arts Center. My favorite song of Wussy’s was “Airborne” what a great tune and performed quite well live. Their record Funeral Dress is wonderful. My favorite song of No No Knots was “Cat Cat.” Molly and co. sounded great.

Afterwards, we crashed pretty early. Today, we got up and had cereal, toast, and coffee again courtesy of my mom. I applied for a passport for my big Egypt trip in November. We’ve been rehearsing all day. And we’re heading downtown around 6. I’m playing at 8:45 and then we’re busking on the MPMF buses, promoting ourselves and such and providing a mellower arrangement of our tunes for the metro-riders. Tracy Walker hooked us up with that.

Tomorrow is the big day!!! MRS D takes MPMF. Looking forward to another night. MPMF is like SXSW in a lot of ways. Even cheaper beer, good folks, and a relaxed vibe. We are having a blast!

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