Big Ole Update

Wanted to update you all on my happenings.

First and foremost, my band MRS DANVERS was asked to open for Corin Tucker Band at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. Corin was the lead singer of Sleater-Kinney, one of my big influences in wanting to start MRS DANVERS. I have looked up to her and Kathleen Hanna as two of the most influential, talented women in rock music. This is a huge honor for us to open for her…

Here are the details:

Show is Monday, October 25. Doors open at 7:00pm. We go on at 7:30pm. Tickets are $15 in advance and $17 day of the show. Paradise is located off of the B line. I believe it’s one of the BU stops.

Next item of business. I got my tickets to Cairo. That’s right, my band (Justin Hancock, Dabbo Caucci, and Bruno Esrubilsky) will be flying to Egpyt and playing two dates at a major festival in Cairo. We will be there from November 8 to November 16.

Thirdly, I subbed on bass for Nini+Ben this past Monday at Club Passim in Harvard Square. We are playing a show this Saturday, the 23rd at the National Underground during the CMJ festival in New York City.

Finally, I played my first show as a resident of New York last week at Monkey Rock @ Googie’s Lounge (above the Living Room) in the East Village. I used backing tracks and played guitar and it went really, surprisingly well! All new material, new setup, new sound. I had a blast and the response was extremely positive. I’m actually in talks with a filmmaker from The New School, who found out about my music from the show, about being the subject of his documentary. So we’ll see where that goes, haha.

Things are going very well! I finally got a flexible job in NYC, and am excited about all of the things that are happening.

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