Oh, Canada

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After two failed attempts to enter the country, ECHOREV has decided that Canada doesn’t like us. Which is too bad because we still like them…the land of so many good bands, cool social policies, and adorable accents — can spurn us once and even twice, and not deter us from wanting to visit — which we will do…at some point…in the not-so-distant future. : )

The Border Patrol found us suspicious — though it’s difficult to know exactly what kind of demonic, terroristic activities they believe us capable of? We know America started this whole nonsense with the Patriot Act, and, like detaining and torturing Canadian citizens and all, but it was shocking how unyielding and intrusive the process was. We thought Canada was a warm and cuddly yet noble grizzly bear of a country — a place, in contrast to the U.S., where gay people can get married and the population can afford a dental checkup.

Maybe Canada is protective of how nice it is, but unfortunately, Canada got a bad impression of us, an impression informed by some harmless clumsiness on our part, like we spilled a drink by accident on its favorite sweater, and it continued to freak out even after realizing the drink we spilled was water. That’s our metaphor for what happened, the details of which we would go into depth about were they not laden with uninteresting minutiae.

We do want to be crystal clear that there was no suspicion or presence of drugs. Whatever clumsiness we exhibited can be attributed to the confusion regarding whether or not you can play shows in Canada. Words of advice to fellow musicians: you CAN play shows in Canada as long as they are not in a restaurant or bar. Carnet lists and letters from those you are playing or staying with in Canada may be helpful or they may not. Inconclusive on that…

Canada may have left us feeling rejected and depressed, but the town of Cape Vincent, NY, on the border lifted our spirits in the form of friendliness, good drinks, and good times after our final denial. It’s a super-cute older town filled with a multitude of friendly pubs, tree-lined sidewalks, green lawns, and a stunning view of Lake Ontario. It has been an idyllic place to be stranded. But today, we leave the border drama behind, and embark on a last-minute backup plan improvised by Johnny, departing to Enosburg, Vermont, where we will be rehearsing for 3 weeks in their Opera House!!! The spot in Canada would have been tremendous, and we are so grateful towards our Canadian friends and family who tried to facilitate our visit. Nevertheless, ya gotta keep moving, and we all feel pretty excited about going to Vermont and having such a beautiful, majestic sonic space to rehearse. So, THANK YOU!!

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