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ECHOREV & MRS DANVERS this Thursday at Cafe 939 (Boston)

Buy tickets online and
check out the Facebook Event

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MRS DANVERS blog love

Our shows this past Friday in New York at Webster Hall and on Saturday in Cambridge at Cantab Lounge attracted some kind previews from the blogosphere.

From the Dig:

And if there’s any band that’s going the extra mile these days, it’s Mrs. Danvers.

The indie dance rock quartet formed in 2009 and quickly gained a devoted local following due to their invigorating live performances and their appealing sound that combines elements of new wave dance-ability and ‘60’s-style pop harmonics. Most recently, the group has been finishing up sessions in preparation to release their first proper full length.

Also, Autostraddle had a kind preview and dubbed us as among their “favorite female musicians.”

Cheap Thrills Boston, in a preview, said the following “Personally, I think MRS DANVERS is brilliant.”

The shows themselves went spectacularly, with high attendance and much to twitter about. The NYC show we played with Allison Weiss, Mitten, and Mal Blum, and the show in Cambridge, with Mitten again, Lydia Fischer Band, and DJ LeahV plus a fashion show by Mer+ge Apparel.

Check out the vid for new song “Kill Me” live at Webster Hall.

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MRS DANVERS rocks Boston Dyke March 2011

Last weekend we played @ Boston Dyke March in the Boston Common.
Here are some photos from the lovely Hannah Cohen as well as The Rainbow Times “Mrs. Danvers, a fabulous Boston indie band rocked the stage until after dark.” More pics from The Rainbow Times here

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First, here’s a very nice preview for our show this past Friday @ Boston Band Crush:

I’m just saying Mrs Danvers is playing a free show at the Boylston St. Apple store at 6 o’clock today and if you go, you won’t be able to help but love this band.

And then some pictures (click to enlarge):

More great photos courtesy of Ryan Testa here.

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MRS DANVERS Wadzilla show cancelled.

The great underground Boston venue, Wadzilla Mansion, got shut down pending a license from the city. Here is an article in the Dig written by Abe Kimball of Vending Machetes in tribute.

Also, if you want to feel inspired on how to deal with a difficult, disappointing situation with maturity and poise, read Wadzilla’s founder, Socrates Cruz’ note on Facebook.

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MRS DANVERS at the Apple Store this Friday

We are playing a free show this Friday, Feb 25 at the Apple Store in Boston, MA on Boylston Street. It’s the largest Apple store in North America. Here is the Facebook event. We go on at 6pm sharp.

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3 new MRS DANVERS tracks released

Check out the new MRS DANVERS Bandcamp Website which features three new recordings (still unmixed but nearing completion) off our debut full-length record.


This song is a foray into dance-pop songwriting/singing. I co-wrote it with Dhy Berry and Drew Erickson. I can’t speak for the others but my musical influences were Michael Jackson, quincy Jones, Prince. Lyrically, this song is inspired by Dhy and I’s frequent trips to Boston’s Pearl/Machine back in the day.

Here are the credits:
AD: vocals, guitar, keys, programming
Dhy Berry: bass, keys
Randi Bernier: trumpet
Steph Barker: drums
Engineered by Matt Beaudoin, Will Tendy, and Drew English

Can’t Help It

I wrote this song during that absolute rock bottom moment that we all experience after being rejected. The pain sucks. It hurts to do anything. So you might as well write a song.
Musically, it doesn’t have any conscious inspiration. It’s a different tune compositionally because the chorus’ chords are the same as the verses’.

AD: vocals, guitar, mellotron, programming
Dhy Berry: bass
Randi Bernier: trumpet
Steph Barker: drums

Engineered by Matt Beaudoin, Will Tendy, and Drew English


Musically, this song started out as a synth-dirge in fall of ’07, I shelved it for a while and then brought it to the band in 09 and they brought new life to it. Lyrically, struggled with this one. Still do, lol. Nevertheless, it honestly reflects a certain adolescent experience where you like someone and they’re just. not. into. it.

AD: vocals, guitar, bass
Dhy: keys
Randi: keys
Steph: drums

And there you have it. Hope you enjoy these tracks.

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Lots of shows coming up

Friday, January 14 at The Bell House
149 7th Street — Brooklyn, NY
Facebook Event.

Saturday, January 29 at The Branded Saloon
603 Vanderbilt Ave — Brooklyn, NY
Facebook Event

Thursday, February 10 at Pete’s Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street — Brooklyn, NY

Friday, February 25 (MRS DANVERS) at The Apple Store
815 Boylston Street — Boston, MA

Friday, February 25 at Wadzilla Mansion
Allston, MA

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pics/blog review on Corin Tucker/Paradise show

Here’s a review of the show from The review acknowledges the guitar string-breakage difficulties we had but singles out and streams “What Did I Do.”

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Nancy (a MRS DANVERS testimonial)

This video includes a sneak peak of the new MRS DANVERS recording, “Can’t Help It” from our forthcoming debut LP.

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