This page features three categories of miscellaneous compositions: instrumental pieces written for film or video, musical theater pieces, and novelty/other songs.


Hotel/Motel Trailer
Two cues for documentary trailer
Percussion by Jon Smith // Additional engineering and mixing by Ben Gebert

Wistful, resigned, quirky, suburban; influenced by Jon Brion and Beck

New York City
Visceral, fatalistic, mechanized; influenced by Ratatat. 

Yoga Music for Alicja
For use in video reel promoting German yoga instructor, Alicja Pokshawinski


My Fake Funeral
This is an excerpt from a short musical I wrote that satirizes reality television while exploring the effects of social media on relationships and mental health. Music and lyrics by Ann Driscoll in consultation with William June.

Not a Child Anymore
This is a musical adaptation that I wrote of a scene from Arthur Miller’s play, View from a Bridge. It is a duet between Catherine the adopted daughter of Bea and Eddie, two working-class Italian-American Brooklynites in the 50’s. Eddie has a latent sexual obsession with the 17-year old Catherine, and Bea is trying to persuade Catherine to mature and move out of their house. Music and lyrics by Ann Driscoll in consultation with William June.


Insect Politics
A brief tribute to Brundlefly, the anti-hero of David Cronenberg’s tragic horror masterpiece, The Fly.

Frodo’s Lullaby
This is a Christmas present to friends, paying tribute to their beloved family Labrador, Frodo.

JTM Jingle
I sang but did not write this jingle, which extols the virtues of frozen hamburgers.