From 2005-2006, I maintained a political blog at MyDD.com where I covered Ohio politics. In 2006, I attended the University of Missouri-Columbia, majoring in journalism and political science on a journalism scholarship. From 2008-2010, I was the associate editor of The Groove, Berklee’s student newspaper, writing articles exploring various aspects of student and music culture and reviewing records and live shows (my archive at BerkleeGroove.com). I have also been writing movie reviews since I was a tyke, a recent archive of which can be found here.


“Clear Choice: Congressional debate shows striking differences between Hackett and Schmidt” (Citybeat, 2005)

Historic Election Draws to a Close (2008).

Milk: A Reminder of Progress Achieved and Enduring Injustices (Berklee Groove, 2009)


Smoking at Berklee

Student Initiative Tackles Sexual Violence (2010).

Musical Theater Writing at Berklee (2008)

A Rock Veteran Compares Boston and New York Music Scenes (2008).

New Berklee-Produced Musical Resurrects Emmett Till (2009).

“Cafshows: The Alternative to Boston Venue Siberia” (2009).

Record Reviews

“Zac Taylor’s Debut LP ‘Salesman’: Smart, Guitar-Driven Rock” (2010).

Alicia Lemke’s ‘Shades of Motion’: An Appealing, Well-produced Debut (2010).

Air Traffic Controller: The One

Live Reviews

Madonna: Still in Vogue (2008)

Joan As Police Woman Arrests the Middle East (2008)

Musician Profiles

Michael Gottlieb: Multi-Talented Artist To Return to Israel with Dark, Orchestral Pop in Tow (2009).

Meagan Hickman: Business-Savvy Chicagoan Feels “Blessed” With Latest EP (2009).

The Blue Pages: Vans, Fans, Warped Tour, and Being the Next Berklee Band to Break Out

Nick Goldston (2009).

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